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Asia-Pacific Regional Secondary Data Review

Despite a growing volume of migration-related data in recent decades, the need for a reliable, nuanced and harmonized evidence base, reflecting both current and historical migration developments in Asia and the Pacific region, remains – notably when it comes to policy-making, planning and operational purposes, and informing the public discourse on migration. The Asia-Pacific Regional Data Hub (RDH) aspires to reference a comprehensive set of such data to bolster the knowledge and evidence base for effective migration policy, to strengthen programs and to support innovation in the region.

The purpose of the this Regional Secondary Data Review (RSDR) is to establish an information baseline identifying official quantitative sources of knowledge related to migration trends, policies, drivers, impacts and characteristics in the Asia-Pacific region. It also highlights gaps and limitations associated with existing data analysis and collection, and references existing reports that make use of it. This set of resources is designed to be a live document to which new information sources can be added in future editions.