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Webinar on Equitable Remote Learning for All: Using multiple delivery channels to support ethnolinguistic minority children

As part of the Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group, UNESCO is hosting the third session of its regional webinar series. This webinar will focus on using multiple delivery channels to support ethnolinguistic minority children's remote learning. The webinar will begin with a brief review of the Guidance Note on Ensuring Inclusive Education for Ethnolinguistic Minority Children in the COVID-19 Era. Against this background, each panel speaker will provide examples of delivering remote learning that use various methods to minimize the effects of compounded disadvantages, such as remoteness, poverty, migration, and language barriers, that ethnolinguistic minority children face in maintaining their learning remotely and for returning to school.


  1. To share context-specific strategies for effectively delivering quality and inclusive remote learning to ethnolinguistic minority children.
  2. To explore how remote learning can enhance and strengthen mother tongue-based multilingual education programmes during and after COVID-19.
  3. To catalyse multilateral engagement and cooperation in implementing MTB MLE programmes in the Asia-Pacific region.

Target Audience

The target audience for the webinar includes regional, national and international level education stakeholders (including both policymakers and implementers) interested in strategies for delivering remote learning to ethnolinguistic minority children for inclusive multilingual education programmes.

Working Language

English will be the working language of the webinar.