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Webinar: Managing systemic risk during COVID-19: How public-private partnerships are advancing digital transformation

When: October 5, 2021 02:00 PM Bangkok time

Lessons learned from responding to COVID-19 in Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines and Sri Lanka

Governments across the world are facing the challenge of understanding and addressing systemic risk, particularly due to the cascading effects of COVID-19.

Unless systemic risks are more clearly understood and better managed, the global community, particularly countries in the Asia-Pacific region, is likely to face equally widespread impacts. 

Digitalization in public and private sectors is accelerating and so is public-private collaboration on digitalization. For example, the governments in the four DX4Resilience project countries supported the private sector to accelerate digitalization to cope with the pandemic. 

While the Indonesian government supported the private sector to go online, a corporate foundation representing a major business alliance in the Philippines established a digital partnership with international organizations to support MSMEs. Sri Lankan government digitized its traditional tea auction and the Nepalese government took a proactive role in creating an enabling environment for digitization of service delivery.

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