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2022 review of climate ambition in Asia and the Pacific : raising NDC targets with enhanced nature-based solutions with a special feature on engagement of children and youth in raising national climate ambition

Nowhere is the urgency for action more apparent than in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2022, countries experienced unprecedented climate-induced disasters, such as dreadful typhoons and floods, as well as heatwaves and droughts, resulting in human and economic losses that are undermining hard-won development gains in developed and developing countries alike. 

As of August 2022, 39 out of the 49 Asia-Pacific member States included in this report, have made carbon neutrality and net-zero pledges, and have started developing enabling frameworks to the support implementation of their commitments. However, very few of these pledges are supported by updated and ambitious NDC commitments that will scale down greenhouse gas emissions to keep global warming within 1.5°C pathway . The Asia-Pacific region will only be able to drive ambitious climate action when such pledges are supported with higher ambition of NDC commitments.

This ESCAP, UNEP and UNICEF joint assessment report:  2022 Review of Climate Ambition in Asia and the Pacific: Raising NDC targets with enhanced nature-based solutions conveys several recommendations for national policy and engagement and regional policies for the Asia-Pacific region for achieving  1.5°C pathway. The Special Feature on Engagement of Children and Youth in Raising National Climate Ambition shows that civil society, and especially young people, are leading the charge and are championing more urgency, faster action and greater ambition. It advocates that creating a seat at the table for all stakeholders, and in particular children and young people in the design, development and implementation of climate action policies, programmes, and decisions will facilitate implementing carbon neutrality and net-zero pledges.