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Asia-Pacific is the most rapidly ageing region in the world.
By 2050, one in four people will be above the age of 60, most of whom will be women. 

Yet, many countries in the region are unprepared to face this rapid demographic shift.

While there is no single comprehensive policy to address population ageing, there is an urgent need to adapt a life-cycle approach with gender equality at its core. It is by investing in each stage of life, starting from before a girl's birth to her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, that women - and entire countries - will be able to enjoy healthy and active ageing. 

This is the rationale behind UNFPA’s regional advocacy campaign 'For Every Age' - underscoring the need for rights-based life-cycle policies to transform perceived demographic challenges into opportunities for all.

This collection of material including technical guidelines, publications, feature stories and videos, provides a snapshot of our work across Asia-Pacific supporting countries to adopt a life-cycle approach to prepare for a future where every age is celebrated and no one is left behind.

"To raise awareness on the life-cycle approach, the UNFPA Asia-Pacific Regional Office launched an advocacy campaign titled 'For Every Age'. Learn more:"