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Green school quality standard: greening every learning environment

Greening schools for climate action and sustainability

Climate change threatens our planet and future. Schools and other learning institutions are central places for accelerating climate action among learners and local communities.

By empowering teachers and students to understand climate change in their own context contribute to making societies more sustainable and climate resilient.

This publication provides for the first time ever a quality standard for greening schools and other learning environments. It outlines four core areas for integrating sustainability principles and climate action: 1) school governance, 2) facilities and operation, 3) teaching and learning, and 4) community engagement.

Through the Greening Education Partnership, this standard establishes a common language for all stakeholders to jointly reach the global target of greening at least 50% of schools in all countries by 2030.Policy-makers and ministries in charge of education accreditation schemes, as well as educators, learners and communities are encouraged to use the green school quality standard and join the climate-ready school movement to ensure that every learner is equipped to address climate challenges.