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Greening curriculum guidance: teaching and learning for climate action


Greening curriculum to get all learners climate-ready

Education is a powerful tool to transform the world and drive long-term climate change action.

This Guidance responds to the calls from young people for a holistic approach to climate change and sustainability in the curriculum. It outlines a common language on how quality climate change and sustainability can be reflected in the curriculum by setting expected learning outcomes per age group (from 5-year-olds and up to 18+ age group, including a lifelong learning approach).

This is crucial for accelerating country-level action and ensuring joint monitoring of progress. The objective is to have 90 per cent of all countries include climate change in their curricula by 2030, as established by the Greening Education Partnership.

This Guidance aims to support countries, schools or individual practitioners in reassessing their ongoing practices to adopt a more action-oriented, holistic, scientifically accurate, justice-driven and lifelong learning approach to climate change.