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Leveraging Human Mobility to Rescue the 2030 Agenda

At the mid-way point of the 2030 Agenda, the promise to Leave No One Behind and achieve the SDGs is in peril, and our ways of working are inadequate. People on the move can be part of the solution. IOM's report, released as part of the SDG Action Weekend, developed in partnership with recognized research entities, provides clear evidence that unequivocally shows that migration supports sustainable development.

The report calls upon all politicians, practitioners and changemakers to:

  • Extend social protection and universal health coverage to all;
  • Further develop safe and regular migration pathways;
  • Reduce remittances transaction costs;
  • Listen to, and include migrants' voices into national and local development plans;
  • To invest in their skills development and recognize their qualifications and competences;
  • Reduce the digital access gap for people on the move, and
  • Invest in means to address loss and damages, reduce conflict and climate induced displacement.