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Disaster and climate resilient health systems

Explore how to strengthen health systems against disasters and climate challenges with educational materials developed by UNDRR ROAP, UNFPA, ESCAP, and UNOPS as part of the Asia Pacific Issue Based Coalition on Building Resilience. This initiative introduces a comprehensive set of materials of four user-friendly infographics that present insights for both newcomers, specialists and practitioners in health and disaster risk reduction.

The first infographic sheds light on the important interplay between climate, health, and disasters, presenting a roadmap aligned with the Sendai Framework and the Bangkok Principles. 

The second infographic emphasizes the integration of health into Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) systems, spotlighting the ESCAP Asia-Pacific Risk and Resilient Portal and the foundational elements of climate and disaster-resilient health systems. 

Uncover the essentials of health infrastructure in the third infographic, highlighting the interdependence of infrastructure systems and offering key strategies for enhancing climate resilience in health facilities, including tools like the Hospital Safety Index.

The fourth infographic is an example for turning uncertainties into resilience, providing a call to action with four specific examples. Discover how key actors in the Asia Pacific region can contribute to a more integrated approach to health emergencies in disaster risk reduction systems. 

Designed for newcomers, specialists and practitioners in health and disaster risk reduction, these infographics provide accessible and visually engaging content. Whether you're looking to reinforce your message or a practitioner looking for integration and implementation, these materials are tailored to meet your needs.